Dropped on earth with the purpose to spread joy by providing melancholic music and talking about strongly unpleasant topics, Jonas began his musical career 2005 by starting to play the guitar and half-hearted trying to become the next German Kirk Hammett after initially getting inspired by the Offspring’s “Self Esteem”. After slowly getting on the right tracks bands like Muse, Rammstein, A Perfect Circle, Supertramp or Queen became huge influences and also reasons for starting to play the piano. Since 2008 Jonas is producing his own music in a little home studio in Giessen/Germany mostly by writing and playing all instruments himself.

The years between 2015-2017 turned out to be by far the most significant ones. Not only did Jonas manage to make key progress in singing but also overcame the crucial hurdles of finishing ideas and accepting imperfection to be part of the process. Finally, after many years of musical self-doubt, disbelief and the resulted lack of finalizing his musical ideas Jonas finished the recording of his first solo album in June 2017.

By releasing the single “Purple Birds” in December 2017 a first part of the upcoming concept album made its online appearance.

The upcoming concept album “The Perspective of the Gardener” comes out July 13th of 2018 and contains 8 tracks and might be mostly considered as a mix of progressive- /alternative rock with several fragments of film, jazz and ambient music.